Each month you spend more than you earn

If your monthly salary is 1500 euros and each month you spend more than you earn, it means that there is already an underlying problem, which we are not able to solve with this article.

The only two things you can do in this case are:

increase your income ( with another job or other activity )
get away as much as possible from the world of sports betting.

Starting to gamble, when you are not even able to meet your basic needs, could only lead to a worsening of your economic condition.

Situation 2: Every month you spend exactly what you earn

If you think this situation is suitable for starting to play bill after bill, know that you are not on the right track at all.

I don’t advise you to bet even in this case!

If the wind doesn’t blow right and your bets are losing you could worsen your financial situation and your standard of living.

In the long run, relationships with loved ones could also take a turn for the worse.

Trust me. For the moment, leave it alone!

Situation 3: Each month you earn more than you spend.

Well done!

If 사설토토 are in this situation, Betting “might” be an achievable goal .

You have what it takes to start, but always keep your eyes open and read carefully what I write to you in the next lines.
Let’s move on to the Numbers.

Your bankroll, wallet or cash must NEVER exceed 20% of your annual savings.

Let’s take an example.

Luca is an employee with a dependent family and a modest salary.

He is a good saver and every year he manages to set aside 1200 euros, maintaining a more than dignified lifestyle.

He has never bet, but this sector fascinates him and he would like to try to understand more.

The amount that Luca will be able to dedicate to bets must be a maximum of 20% of the 1200 euros, that is, a total of 240 euros per year .

Yes, a maximum of 240 euros per year, equal to 20 euros per month or 5 euros per week.