Auto Draft

always play with discipline

If you want to make winning predictions on football, tennis, basketball, horse racing or hamster racing, you have to memorize these 3 magic words:

and above all discipline , (yes, the same that is required of the military).

If you are not ready to commit, you will continue to be one of the 95% of bettors who bet and lose every week.

2. Take note of each of your bets made

record your every play

For a winning bettor this is the basic rule , a must!

Every euro you have played MUST be noted.

Finance and business experts always repeat this beautiful phrase:

Nothing can be improved that is not measurable.

And yes, 사설토토 or friend. Also applies to Sports Betting!

If you register every day, or every week, all the bets you have made , you will be sure to understand if you are winning or if you are simply throwing your money to the wind …

3. How to manage the bankroll in betting

manage your wallet better

What is Bankroll?

Bankroll , also called Portfolio or Cash, is the sum of money we decide to invest for sports betting, over an entire sports season or calendar year.

Precisely determining the amount of this capital is the essential first step before starting to place any bets .

But how is the Bankroll or Wallet calculated?

Before calculating this amount it is necessary to understand what financial situation you are in .

Based on the analysis of your current financial situation you can decide if you can try your hand at Sports Betting or if it is more appropriate to stay away from it.