Grand Salami bets

Grand Salami – these are bets on the performance of the entire tour (game day) or a specified group of matches. If we draw an analogy with cooking, then this term can be called pizza, in which almost all the ingredients are added.

Grand Salami bets in hockey are made on the usual total (number of pucks), but instead of goals scored in several matches, they are considered. Today, you can make a similar bet with almost any legal Russian bookmaker.

A strategy has been developed for Grand Salami bets. It is necessary to analyze the average performance of the tournament (number of goals per round). When you notice that this figure will deviate sharply from the average, in the next round you need to make a bet that the performance will return to the usual indicators.
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Long-term bets (another name – outrights) on hockey are made before the start of a tournament. In the lines of bookmakers, you can most often find the following outrights:

for the winner of the tournament;
to get the team into the top three (five, ten) winners;
on the exit of the team from the group;
for the passage of the team to a certain stage of the playoffs;
for the best sniper (scorer) of the tournament;
for the team to advance to a higher division or relegation to a lower league;
in the NHL, you can also bet on the winner of individual awards among players (Hart Trophy, Art Ross Trophy, Maurice Richard Trophy, Vezina Trophy).

Plus, outright bets are solid odds, because before the start of the competition it is not easy to predict its outcome. The obvious disadvantage is that the bettor will have to wait a long time for the result: from several days to a year.

Special bets in hockey are sometimes very interesting and unusual. It all depends on the bookmaker and on the tournament for which bets are accepted. For example, the legal Russian bookmaker 1XBet for the 2021/22 season offers the following special bets on the NHL:

whether the Russians will be in the composition of both teams-finalists of the Stanley Cup;
whether the head coach of the Seattle Craken (NHL rookie) will leave the team during the season;
on the personal statistics of the Seattle Kraken players: how many points the top scorer will score at the end of the season, how many assists the best assistant will give, how many goals the best sniper will have;
Will Washington Capitals Russian forward Alexander Ovechkin break Wayne Gretzky’s record for goals in NHL history.